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The Sunday Times recently called them ‘the best British rock’n’roll band since The Pogues, or quite possibly the Clash.’

Whatever your opinion, they are undoubtedly ‘the greatest American act the UK ever produced ’ and their heady combination of techno, country and blues, alongside a proclivity for rock ‘n’ roll decadence and an acute social conscience, makes them a unique entity in modern music.

The band has always had a loyal and devoted following in the UK, with fans calling themselves members of ‘the congregation’, followers of the Rev D Wayne’s church.

Throughout the years, they’ve also won the support of many celebrity fans not just through the soundtrack of TV shows such as The Sopranos and The Simpsons. And acting it seems is also a calling. Alabama 3 not only provide title tracks for new feature film ‘Songs For Amy’, but also make guest appearances as themselves..

As said in ‘The Times’,“If anyone thinks that politics and religion aren’t suitable subjects for rock ‘n’ roll they should check out

Sixteen years on and still residing in the heart of their beloved London SW9 postcode, Alabama 3 continue to be more a way of life than a rock'n'roll band. Their club and studios at Brixton Jamm are busier than ever, as art collectives continue to gather at their beckoning and unleash forward thinking music, media and intergalactic parties on the world.

Watch Alabama 3 on You Tube now