Edd Keene - The Green Man

Edd Keene - The Green Man

Edd Keene - The Green Man is a multi-instrumentalist who uses a loopstation to craft exciting, jazz-flavoured instrumental songs. His craft is both playing the instrument and orchestrating the build of each song and its layers..

When performing live he uses a loop pedal to record and layer together saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, clarinet, percussion and vocals, all live with no pre-recordings. The tracks which he creates range from reggae, jazz, dark folk and progressive middle Eastern styles to trip hop.

Edd has been playing all over the UK at festivals and events since 2007. He was chosen as one of the top 3 best loop pedal performers for the UK Boss championships in 2009 and has sessioned on works for acts as such as Future Sound of London, Paul Weller, DJ Food and Oasis. Over the years Edd has played in various bands such as Smudged, Junkyard Scientists, The Uppercut Band, Burnt Lychee and La Mort Subite.

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