The Fleas

The Fleas

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The Fleas is a London based indie band, mashing together vintage influences with fresh grooves, landing somewhere between the Kinks and the Pixies

A Brit indie base for a hundred different toppings, from kitchen sink dramas to love songs at the end of the world, it's a heady brew.

Adding a touch of Americana with their new release, The Fleas are back with a new four track EP, recorded at Silver Streat Studios in Reading and produced by Nigel Firth of Vienna Ditto. The breath-taking result, Telling Tales, blends rock, new wave, country and dubstep influences and is due for digital release in the summer.

Formed in 2008 by frontman and songwriter Piers Sudell, the group has played all over London and from Devon to Blackburn, via Wales and back again.