Tom Michell Trio

The Tom Michell Trio

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The Tom Michell Trio formed in 2012 by the coming together of three very talented musicians from relatively widely different backgrounds.

Tom himself is an exceptional guitarist having played in popular cover bands; his lead electric guitar playing including exceptional slide style makes him a mesmerising R&B performer.

He is lead vocalist too and his rendition of well-known blues standards and his own compositions make his performance unforgettable.

Pete Thomas plays bass in a full, powerful style. He plays in an eclectic range of genres including Jazz, Folk and Rock but in the Tom Michell Trio his powerful, all-encompassing sound is the gel that holds the band together.

Tom Sibly is a graduate of Drumtech and his pin point accurate drumming is played with a finesse rarely heard. He too enjoys playing Jazz and is on demand to play in that genre as well. His support drumming never wavers and his drum solos are totally mind blowing.

All in all the Tom Michell Trio is a band once heard will always remain in the memory.